Quest for Happiness: Week Nineteen

 emperors new groove GIF

It’s awesome when you can still feel like this during a week when you didn’t meet all of yours goals.


  • Long-term Goal: Shape the body I want and become healthier.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Keep up working out.
    • Status: Hell yes. I worked out five times last week and it was amazing. Due to a procedure I had to get done this week, working out will on the back burner just to make sure everything is smooth health wise (and it should be, just being extra cautious). I do hope to try and go on walks, though.
  • This Week’s Goal: Eat well.


  • Long-term Goal: Edit three books, write four new books and query at least one.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Research. Write. Edit.
    • Status: Made progress. I did a very small amount of research on how to write three-dimensional characters and I did finish writing my short story, so that went well. I also came up with a game plan with my fellow Muses to write more, starting today. So I’m going to destroy this rut.
  • This Week’s Goal: Complete in-depth write up of Artemis’s character.


  • Long-term Goal: Read 60 books.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Write review and read every day.
    • Status: Halfway. Review was written, but I didn’t read at all. Oops.
  • This Week’s Goal: Read!


  • Long-term Goal: Create and maintain a mindset that taking care of yourself is just as important as everything else.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Read outside once when the weather is awesome. Figure out a new video game to conquer.
    • Status: Complete. This is a weird goal, sometimes. I didn’t read outside and I didn’t start a new game, but started playing Destiny again, so technically I didn’t do want I “wanted” to do. But I did find time to relax over the week (including watching two-thirds of the LOTR trilogy yesterday) so this goal is still complete, even if what I did was different than what I’d thought I’d do.
  • This Week’s Goal: Get outside.


  • Long-term Goal: Increase output over all three blogs, i.e., post more consistently.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Catch up on reading blogs!
    • Status: Yep!
  • This Week’s Goal: Catch up writing reviews over video games.


  • Long-term Goal: Manage money with more awareness, start retirement fund and build savings.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Only buy what is necessary.
    • Status: Success…if you ignore that lunch I bought catching up with the bestie…
  • This Week’s Goal: Get ready to pay June’s bills.

I can’t believe it’s already been 19 weeks (well, counting this week) since I started focusing on the ways I wanted to improve myself and my life. I’ve definitely met a lot more success this go around than I ever have before–and I think these weekly updates are a huge part of that. So thanks for checking out these posts and not getting annoyed with me that they happen. 🙂

Onward to another kick ass week!



About Nicole Evans

Nicole Evans is a writer of fantasy and science fiction. She is currently unpublished and is working fervently to get the "un" removed from that statement. With six books under her belt and more on the way, she loves to write about destined heroes who fail anyway, twisting classic tropes on their heads, animals who feel more like people and, hopefully, about characters and worlds for you to have an opinion about. She really can't wait for you to read these stories.  Considering she has run out of space for putting rejections letters up on her wall, Nicole now uses her spare time doing the typical things that nerds do: blogging, dying repeatedly during video games (which she believes is retribution for the characters' she's killed), wishing she was the character she is currently reading about and trying to fight off the real world by living in her own head, with varying degrees of success. Nicole has a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Film and Media Studies, and works as an evening librarian assistant. View all posts by Nicole Evans

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