Daily Archives: December 3, 2017

Quest for Happiness: Week Forty Seven


  • Long-term Goal: Shape the body I want and become healthier.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Run 4x. Log food.
    • Status: Halfway. I ran twice and walked enough one day to count it as a workout and logged my food twice.
  • This Week’s GoalFigure out an indoor workout routine to still do something as winter hits. Log food.


  • Long-term Goal: Edit all previously written works. Query one.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Edit Sunday through Thursday and edit thoroughly.
    • Status: Success! 
  • This Week’s Goal: Edit 5x and stay on pace to have edits done by the end of next week.


  • Long-term Goal: Read 60 books.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Read every day.
    • Status: Success!
  • This Week’s Goal: Read every day and finish The Iron Hound.


  • Long-term Goal: Create and maintain a mindset that taking care of yourself is just as important as everything else.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Enjoy the oddly warm weather before winter destroys us all.
    • Status: Success (though I wish I was out in it a little bit more). 
  • This Week’s Goal: Play Curse of Osiris!


  • Long-term Goal: Increase output over all three blogs, i.e., post more consistently.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Blog twice and write review.
    • Status: Negative. Blogged once, but the time I didn’t spend blogging, I spent writing and reading, so I think it’s an okay trade.
  • This Week’s Goal: Blog once and write review.


  • Long-term Goal: Manage money with more awareness, start retirement fund and build savings.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Finish shopping, then go into ultra-frugal mode.
    • Status: Success! Finished up Christmas shopping and had some fun with birthday shenanigans, but now, time to keep the money tight so I’m not struggling to start the New Year.
  • This Week’s Goal: Check in on all my accounts and double check bills are paid.

Not the best week, but not the worst week, either. It’s a pretty common trend, but one I don’t mind too much. You’re not going to kill it every week, but every week, you have the opportunity to try again.

So, let’s do this.