About The Stubborn Artist


Thanks for being curious enough to learn about me. Unfortunately, I never know what to write in these things. For a more formal introduction, you can read my “author bio,” quoted here:

Nicole Evans is a writer of fantasy and science fiction. She is currently unpublished and is working fervently to get the “un” removed from that statement. With six books under her belt and more on the way, she loves to write about destined heroes who fail anyway, twisting classic tropes on their heads, animals who feel more like people and, hopefully, about characters and worlds for you to have an opinion about.

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She really can’t wait for you to read these stories. 

Considering she has run out of space for putting rejections letters up on her wall, Nicole now uses her spare time doing the typical things that nerds do: blogging, dying repeatedly during video games (which she believes is retribution for the characters’ she’s killed), wishing she was the character she is currently reading about and trying to fight off the real world by living in her own head, with varying degrees of success. Nicole has a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Film and Media Studies, and works as an evening librarian assistant.

I mean, that basically sums up the major points. Other interesting facts, I suppose, include things like I’m a Tolkien scholar (and wrote a 47-page undergraduate thesis to prove it), I’m addicted to tattoos, my favorite cheese is extra sharp cheddar, I’m convinced dragons are real, I’m 95% positive I’m going to grow up to be the ultimate dog lady, my favorite genres of music are hardcore screamo and classical, I really want to move to New Zealand and become a Hobbit, and I have such a positive outlook on life, it’ll probably make you puke (despite writing some really dark and at times grotesque fiction).

Another thing to note is that I have two other blogs that I post on regularly, in case you want to check them out. One is dedicated solely to my book reviews. Except these aren’t your run-of-the-mill reviews. I focus on reviewing the experience I had reading whatever book I’ve stumbled upon. It’s called Erlebnisse. The second is a collaborative work between three writers called Muse in Pocket, Pen in Hand, where we write new short stories every month and sprinkle in writing-related posts throughout.

Thanks for checking out my blog and being curious enough to find out more about me! As always, never hesitate to reach out to me in the comments section. I love getting to know more about the people interested enough to give me any amount of attention during their day and it means the world to me to have you here.



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