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Just A Little Bit Funky

I got my sleeve filled in the other day and while I am super excited about that, the healing process is always…a little unpleasant for me, when it comes to tattoos. It always turns out well at the end, but for the two-to-three weeks it takes to heal, it’s a bit of a bitch. The first week, especially, as my skin is still getting over the fact that I just subjected it to four hours of being jabbed with an electric needle. As such, I can’t work out, just to make sure it heals properly. So this week, I’ve been ridiculously lazy.

And it sorta blows my mind how that laziness has taken over and now infiltrated pretty much every aspect of my life.

Usually, I wake up in the mornings and then workout first thing, before starting off the rest of my day. Last week was particularly awesome, as far as following my desired routine and staying productive went. This week, I wake up, make dinner to take to work and then go straight to the PS4. That part hasn’t been bad. I don’t mind playing Fallout 4 for hours on end before starting off my work day (without fail, it never feels like enough time).

Yet I haven’t done my hair once this week. I feel myself get lazy at work, not wanting to cross off anything from my To-Do List. Sure, I force myself to do it, but I’m not really feeling it, if you follow me. And there isn’t even a ton on it this week and yet still, I find myself not wanting to do it. Hell, even outlining my next novel I want to work on was a struggle to complete, where it took almost three days for me to sit down and finally do it. Which is another factor that’s tying into this lazy funk, the fact that I didn’t have a writing project I was working on, this week, after writing consistently for two months. Writing and working out are the two core parts of my routine. Take away both of those elements and suddenly, you have a very lazy, very unmotivated person.

Honestly, as much as I love my PS4 and the quality time we’ve gotten this week, I’m not a fan.

I know it’s just a funk I have going on, right now, that will last until my arm is healed up good and proper. I know I’ll get over it, especially when I’m not constantly wanting to chop my arm off. This cold weather and persistent winter cold isn’t helping matters, either. All I need is a little time, a little healing and a lot of solid spring weather to get over this little funk.

And none of it can come soon enough.



Being Okay With Lazy

The past two days, I’ve been a bit…lazy. Instinctively, I felt like I needed to beat myself up about it. My To-Do List wasn’t getting any shorter and there was so much time that I was wasting, especially after having such a productive Monday. But I’m writing this post to remind myself that this is okay.

Here’s what an ideal day is like, for me, in the summer:

Wake up at 9am. Either run or go to the gym. Stretch. Lay out by the pool for an hour and hopefully read for a bit. Shower. Make lunch (and dinner, since I work through dinner time and need to prep it beforehand). If I have enough time before work, sneak in some PS4 time. Then, go to work, where I’m lucky enough to also have time to write, blog, do things for my internship and various other stuff from the To-Do List, on top of daily work stuff. Come home, maybe sneak in some more PS4 time or an episode on Netflix before going to sleep. Smile, rinse, repeat.

Here’s what the past two days have looked like:

Tuesday, I work up to my alarm at 9am. Snoozed it. Woke up at 9:30am, felt good, still had time to run and swim and eat and relax before work. But I really just wanted to stay curled up in bed. So I did, dozing on and off (with bloody weird dreams) until about noon. Then, I played Shadows of Mordor until it was time for work, frantically getting ready because I just wanted to kill a few more orcs before I left.

Today, I got up at 9:30am but instead of going to the gym or swimming like I planned, I went straight back into Mordor and slayed, once again pushing it to the brink, time wise, rushing to shower, dress and grab some stuff for dinner all in thirty minutes.

That’s two days where I didn’t work out at all but had plenty of time to. Didn’t swim or tan (and I’ll be honest and admit I’m really digging working on a tan), even though the weather was totally perfect for it. I didn’t use some of my free time to actually accomplish some things so that there wasn’t so much pressure crammed into my evenings. Instead, I just relaxed and got way too invested into Shadows of Mordor, which I’m replaying (and will hopefully actually beat this time) before Shadows of War comes out in the fall.

I keep telling myself I should feel guilty, that I wasted all this time. Except I shouldn’t. And I didn’t.

Sure, if every day could be as productive as my Monday was, I’d be pretty jazzed. I’m obviously very capable at being productive. I’d also get burnt out, really fast. Plus, is all that productivity suddenly ruined because I consciously decided to let myself just be lazy for a few days and enjoy one of my favorite passions? Especially knowing that, once I go full-time next week at work, that free time with the PS4 will be much more limited? Am I abandoning my goals because I chose to be lazy instead of pursuing them?

Not at all.

I’m choosing to believe that being lazy for a bit is okay.

Granted, if I started to give up all my goals for weeks on end, then we might have an actual problem to address. It’s a fine balance, staying productive and chasing dreams and goals, while also letting yourself unwind and relax. If I was choosing to not pursue my goals because I was in a massive depressed rut, that is also something else entirely. But I’ve been generally pretty okay the past couple days, emotionally, and instead of forcing myself to work out or swim or be hella productive, I’ve just let myself give into some orc-slaying pleasures and be lazy. I have a feeling I might even let that laziness continue into tomorrow, before I drive into a busy weekend. And next week, I can get back on track with routine and knocking my goals out of the park. Because a little indulgence, every once in a while, it’s okay.

It honestly is.

Plus, those orcs aren’t going to slay themselves. (Maybe each other, sure, but Talion and I have work to do.)