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Quest for Discovery: Week Twenty Eight

Hello, friends!

It turned out to not be the best week last week, as far as goals went. I hardly read, definitely didn’t work out or log my food, still haven’t started the devotional I got weeks ago…

And yet, last week was really awesome. I saw family I never get to see and watched my Dad and boyfriend bound by, as my boyfriend puts it, “celebrating America by blowing a piece of it up (via fireworks)”. I went on a trip down nostalgia lane with my best friend as we went to the last ever Warped Tour. I got to spend a day with my sister celebrating her birthday, spending some 1-1 time that we almost never get. And I got to see my lovely and amazing boyfriend and his family while he celebrated his Dad’s birthday.

It’s a nice reminder that just because you’re not as productive or accomplished as I wanted to be, doesn’t mean the time you spent was entirely wasted.

Long-Term Goal: Write two new books and edit two books. Enter the query trenches.

Last Week’s Goal: Try not to panic flail realizing this is the last week of my break and next Monday, the editing game begins.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. There is only one appropriate response to the fact that editing will begin AFTER I FINISH THIS POST. And that response, friends, is this GIF:

Image result for theoden so it begins gif

Weekly Goal: Edit 5x.

Long-Term Goal: Read every day, finishing up some old series and keeping up with new ones.

Last Week’s Goal: Read every day. Write review.

  • Status: Negative, Commander. Even though I was so excited to see some extended family during the 4th of July, it was all I could think about, I also somehow kept forgetting that the holiday was going to mess up my productivity all last week, so I hardly got anything done that I wanted to. Reading was definitely on that list…

Weekly Goal: Read every day. Write review.

Long-Term Goal: Continue living a healthy lifestyle and shaping a body I love and am proud of.

Last Week’s Goal: Workout 4x. Log food. Continue finding resources of how to improve mental fitness.

Status: Negative, Commander. ^^ Read above explanation as to why I only ran once last week and didn’t log my food at all. But, already done both of those things today and I feel like this week will be a good one, because I want more days like today: productive, positive and overall just feeling lovely.

Weekly Goal: Workout 5x. Log food. Improve mental fitness.

Long-Term Goal: Learn to have a healthy relationship with money and build my savings.

Weekly Goal: Put money in savings and get back into the habit of checking my budgeting app regularly. Finish up moving prep.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. I am checking my budgeting app more regularly again! Which feels good, so I know exactly what I’m doing with my money when.

Weekly Goal:

Long-Term Goal: Reconnect with God and grow personally to live more like Jesus.

Last Week’s Goal: Add my devotional onto my To-Do list. Actually start it.

  • Status: Negative, Commander. So, I got one step closer: I added it to my To-Do list. But then I proceeded to forget my devotional at home every time I had a chance to read it for the entire week. *sigh* Baby steps, I guess?

Weekly Goal: Just do it.

Carpe Diem
Long-Term Goal: Find a reason to smile every day and something to get excited about weekly. 

Last Week’s Goal: Enjoy seeing family and friends I normally don’t get to see on the 4th! Plus, last Warped Tour and birthday shenanigans celebrating my sister this weekend.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. Despite hardly completing any of my goals, last week was a pretty stellar week.

Weekly Goal: Stay productive and actually go to the pool this week!


It feels nice to start the week off right. I got to sleep in an extra hour, since the pool doesn’t open until noon on Mondays (meaning that I don’t get to go, since it’s too close to when I have to go to work). Then I ran, came home and cooked dinner, showered, ate lunch while reading a book, before getting to work and getting started on crossing items off of my To-Do List. I really love productive days like that and it’s all because I started the morning off right, hitting the trail.

Now if only I could remember this feeling every morning when I wake up…



Quest for Happiness: Week Twenty Eight


  • Long-term Goal: Shape the body I want and become healthier.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Workout 4x and eat well.
    • Status: Success! Somehow, I managed to work out 5x and eat pretty well, aside from Saturday. But I’m not even going to count Saturday as a mishap, because that food was damn good and sometimes, you just gotta treat yourself.
  • This Week’s GoalKeep up fitness routine.


  • Long-term Goal: Edit all previously written works. Query one.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Finish ARTEMIS.
    • Status: Success! I finished another round of ARTEMIS!! *throws celebratory balloons* I still want to do a little bit of tidying up and double checking before I enter my MS into Pitch Wars next week, but I’m really stoked of where this draft is at.
  • This Week’s Goal: Complete last minute revisions.


  • Long-term Goal: Read 60 books.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Finish Dark Immolation and write review.
    • Status: Success! That book was so good, friends. So, so good.
  • This Week’s Goal: Finish Invasive.


  • Long-term Goal: Create and maintain a mindset that taking care of yourself is just as important as everything else.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Swim 3x.
    • Status: Success! I actually found time to swim this week, which was awesome. It was really freakin’ hot, but there’s only two more weeks until I won’t be able to swim anymore, so I’m trying to get in as much time at the pool as I can.
  • This Week’s Goal: Swim 3x.


  • Long-term Goal: Increase output over all three blogs, i.e., post more consistently.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Blog twice on both personal and book review blog.
    • Status: Success! 
  • This Week’s Goal: Read through all of the Pitch War mentor wishlists and #PimpMyBio participants posts.


  • Long-term Goal: Manage money with more awareness, start retirement fund and build savings.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Don’t spend any more unnecessary money the rest of the month.
    • Status: Success! Aside from going to the grocery store, I think I’ll be able to stay frugal and keep this up. Hopefully.
  • This Week’s Goal: Stop stressing so much about money.

BBC sherlock bbc great bbc one GIF

Friends. Whoa, that was a stellar week. It’s crazy what happens when you actually focus on what you want to accomplish, instead of letting it sit in the back of your mind and then suddenly it’s Sunday and you didn’t accomplish a thing. I know not every week will be that amazing, but for now, I’m staying stoked.