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Quest for Discovery: Week Twenty One

Hello, friends!

Week two of three working 8am-5pm is a go! It’s been a pretty neat change of pace. I definitely feel like my weekends are longer, since I have Friday evenings and then both Saturday and Sunday to do stuff. But getting up early has always been difficult for me and the evenings after work seem to fly by before I have to go to sleep to prepare for actually getting up without feeling tired all day. But I’ve been able to see everyone I care about a lot more than usual, even if that means that working out has taken a bit of a backseat.

Long-Term Goal: Write two new books and edit two books. Enter the query trenches.

Last Week’s Goal: Write 5x.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. Almost to the 60,000 mark, which is pretty dang exciting. I’m closing in on the climax, though we still have a bit to go before that happens. But I’m excited to see where the next couple of writing sessions take me (particularly the fight with the scorpion before she jumps off The Edge).

Weekly Goal: Write 5x.

Long-Term Goal: Read every day, finishing up some old series and keeping up with new ones.

Last Week’s Goal: Read every day.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. This current book I’m reading is really freakin’ good, so I’m hopeful I can finish it this week!

Weekly Goal: Read every day. Write review.

Long-Term Goal: Continue living a healthy lifestyle and shaping a body I love and am proud of.

Last Week’s Goal: Workout 5x.

Status: Affirmative, Commander. I walked during my lunch breaks four times out of five, which was almost three miles each time. Felt really great, right? Well, apparently I didn’t eat nearly as well as I thought I did, because the scale says otherwise. So, back to logging food and adding in some strength training this week, too, on top of my lunch break walks, before I can get back into running in June.

Weekly Goal: Workout 5x. Log food.

Long-Term Goal: Learn to have a healthy relationship with money and build my savings.

Weekly Goal: Look at budget again and adjust. FRUGAL.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. Thanks to some new moving plans, I think I’ll be able to save up a lot in the coming year, which is pretty dang exciting. So I’m going to try and do a pretty good balance of saving money and also getting a couple of things (like updating my wardrobe, perhaps a new laptop, doing the 30,000 mile checkup on my car, finishing my tattoo) that I otherwise couldn’t afford. It’ll be tricky to maintain that balance, but I’m hopeful!

Weekly Goal: Pay credit card.

Long-Term Goal: Reconnect with God and grow personally to live more like Jesus.

Last Week’s Goal: Try again.

  • Status: Negative, Commander. Though I did think about this a little more, I didn’t pray very much and I haven’t really looked at any devotionals, so I need to rededicate myself to that.

Weekly Goal: Look up devotionals and try to figure out how to incorporate Jesus a little bit more into my daily life.

Carpe Diem
Long-Term Goal: Find a reason to smile every day and something to get excited about weekly. 

Last Week’s Goal: Enjoy working a normal schedule and cooking at home with the boyfriend!

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. 

Weekly Goal: Smile every day.


I won’t lie: after getting on the scale last week, I’m a little nervous that I’m going to put back on all the weight that I’ve lost, so I’m definitely staying more cognizant of what I’m eating, when I’m eating and how active I am. I know in my core that I can keep it up and not gain back the weight, but I got a little work ahead of me first. Other than that, though, I’m excited about my writing and I miss blogging, after not blogging at all last week. But I’m also wanting to read more, so I’ve sorta taken a step back on blogging so I have more time to read (plus, I’m beta reading a friend’s novel and I want to make sure and make progress on that every day). So just trying to find a balance between staying on top of things, as well as relaxing thanks to the summer.




Quest for Happiness: Week Twenty One


  • Long-term Goal: Shape the body I want and become healthier.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Workout 5x.
    • Status: Halfway. I only worked out twice, so the plan is to get back to at least four times a week this week. Also, I really want to focus on actually eating when I’m hungry, managing my portions and eating slowly next week, on top of working out.
  • This Week’s Goal: Really attempt to eat like Naturally Slim teaches you.


  • Long-term Goal: Edit three books, write four new books and query at least one.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Edit 3x.
    • Status: Almost. I only edited twice, but I did get through two chapters. Now I’m getting into the true meat of the work, as the next section desperately needs some attention.
  • This Week’s Goal: Edit two chapters.


  • Long-term Goal: Read 60 books.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Finish The Bloodforged. 
    • Status: Done! And wrote the review, to boot.
  • This Week’s Goal: Read every day.


  • Long-term Goal: Create and maintain a mindset that taking care of yourself is just as important as everything else.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Watch series 2 of Sherlock and lay out by the pool.
    • Status: Yes. Didn’t watch Sherlock, but did enjoy the pool opening, which was really nice.
  • This Week’s Goal: Not die from the summer heat and either watch Sherlock or start a new video game.


  • Long-term Goal: Increase output over all three blogs, i.e., post more consistently.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Blog twice.
    • Status: Negative. I did write a review on the book review blog, but neglected to post anything on the personal blog. Hopefully will amend that this week!
  • This Week’s Goal: Blog twice.


  • Long-term Goal: Manage money with more awareness, start retirement fund and build savings.
  • Last Week’s Goal: Stay frugal this month.
    • Status: Hopeful. I had to buy some shorts in order to survive the summer and when I was out shopping for those, I definitely felt the urge to just shop. I have some stuff I want to buy for the house, new clothes, some books…but gotta stay frugal for the bills to get paid.
  • This Week’s Goal: FRUGAL.

Though I didn’t necessary do horrible last week, I definitely didn’t try as hard as I could have to really focus on and achieve my goals. Luckily, every week is a chance to better myself, try harder and recommit. Ready to conquer Week 21.